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Power Apparel & So Much More

A note from Enika 

Founder & Visionary

@ BalanceNrenew


I know struggle and survival. They have built resiliency and made me who I am. I created Power Apparel for the versatility, strength, and beauty women possess⁠, to help myself and others walk our paths with style and purpose. Unapologetically. 

Today I am proud to offer BalanceNrenew, a suite of services offering empowerment through fashion, life coaching, and wraparound care. 

Visit our sister sites below to continue your journey, and let's keep empowering each other. #She'sEverything and #Queen are just the beginning! 

Visit Our Sister Sites


RENEW your purpose and define your path with BalanceNrenew's coaching services. Our state-certified coaches offer:

  • Life coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Individual, group, and family work


REBUILD @ BalanceNrenew provides affordable family services by licensed care professionals:

  • Childcare
  • Tutoring
  • House Sitting
  • Transportation


NURTURE @ BalanceNrenew takes the planning off your plate. We offer:

  • Everyday meal prep and planning
  • Party and event planning
  • Catering for large and small occasions
  • Cookbooks

She's more than a name.

She's more than a face.

She's more than a boss.

She's more than a mother.

She's more than a wife.

I do not own the rights to this music.




What makes you phenomenal?      

"I say it's the reach of my arms 

the span of my hips.

The stride of my step

the curl of my lips. 

I'm a woman 


Phenomenal woman, 

That's me"

Maya Angelou  


Women who are breaking barriers.

As women, we must teach our young girls to empower one another. As Oprah Winfrey says, "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." We can do this by providing girls with tools that increase positive self-concepts through the journey of becoming a woman. Because Empowered Women Empower Women.


I  believe women hold the power to accomplish anything.  To quote Oprah again, "Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail; failure is another stepping stone to greatness." As women, we must be comfortable in our imperfections and continue to evolve. Because the world is always changing, and we can't afford to stay stagnant.

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